Natalia Vodianova


Searching online for your bridal underwear when youre not even engaged is the new black.



Rant of the day (part 4)

My cutoffs will be staying horizontal thanks, not really into this new trend of cutting them in the shape of a vagina.

Close your eyes and buy

So I got them, Ive spent all my free time ever since attempting to walk in them without breaking my ankle.
Check out my penny in the photo as well (im ballin')


So I decided to pop into the prada shop today, have no idea why (I was STILL wearing pyjama shorts at 4 this afternoon) and fell in love with a pair of shoes.
I havent stopped thinking about them. This is an actual obsession. I have go to and get them tomorrow (and maybe dress a little nicer so I dont look like a crackhead)

I really like this miu miu campaign





I am back in England and so are my suitcases!!

*only 2 of those are mine, the rest are my mama's

Went to Bounty at the Old Blue Last on friday night & The Creators Project yesterday (so pissed I missed Mark Ronson's set)
Also managed to find a 3.1 phillip lim studded shirt (serious serious gogogadet work was required)
have lots of pictures to post but for now I need to find (or make) this headband


Where art thou Gemma?

I miss Gemma Ward
British Vogue July 2006

Today is my last day in New York!! After practically being fried in the sun, its starting to rain. Anyway, as much as I've loved it here cant wait to leave, hopefully I'll be able to scan the photos in and put them up.
Bye bye NYC, Hello London.

ps: I need this coat in my life

And i will get it even if i have to beg, steal or borrow.


A woman in full

Jacquelyn Jablonski looks AMAZING

V Magazine summer 2010
Ok so I just spent the week in Houston, Texas. Best part of the week was when I convinved my mum that the abandoned belt in the middle of the road was a snake (she started running)...if only I'd videoed it.

ANYWAY I now have 3 (not so) secret lurrrrrrrrves in my life that I'd like to share



Damien, lets get married and drink Naked Juice and have ginger babies that can act and are strangely good at playing football (I just watched the soccer aid match).


I do not care what my friends say, Jay Jopling IS sexy.


Rant of the day (part 3)

Went into the salon to get my eyebrows threaded, envisioning them to look like Hilary Rhoda's....came out looking like the Mona Lisa. Guess she didnt really understand when I said "I dont want them too thin"