Rant of the day (part 1)

Dear men of London

Please please please please PLEASE I will be forever indebted to you guys if you just STOP bellowing things at me in public such as "nice legs" or "hello gorgeous" or even talk about as if im not there e.g.
Person 1: Do you think she's fit?
Person 2: She's got a hot body, but her face is average, dem cheekbones are too much, dont want girls cuttin' my face when I'm kissing dem and shit
Person 1: Nahhh man, she's got nice eyes
Person 2: I guess
Me: I can hear you, you know.
Person 1: Dat aint a problem darlin'

If you well and truly think that I'm attractive, PLEASE either come up and talk to me (nicely, and I wont bite) OR keep it to yourself.

Thank you xxxxxxxx